Take a look at the filmpoem Cover the Mirrors, made for me by the talented Encarna Dorado Cuenca.  It was shortlisted in the FACT & Channels 2015 Filmpoem Competition.  



Lapping foam the only sound.

The sun hasn’t woken

the heat-seekers yet.

I float in white linen.

My small white feet, naked,

sand-buffed silky soft

murmur whispers, our secrets.


I sense a presence

and turn.

Tourist - voyeur,

camera zooming,

stealing my image, abashed.

My image, mine, me

in an advert for paradise.


I smile.

This will be my memory

at home in the rain.





From the collection The Light



They live underground for seven years

before coming out to mate

and sing – I’d sing too!

Don’t they know they’re going to die

in four to six weeks?


You can’t see them, but

when you’re young

you can hear the males;

their high pitched shrilling is inaudible

to most over forties.


There’s a phone app now to hunt them.

People of a certain age

are roaming around

searching for something they can’t see

and will never find.

From the new collection Legacy.